ScaleSpeed Calculator for Model Railways

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You are set to get a warning before any data is deleted. (Especially useful for touch screens)

How to use this tool.

  1. Measure the distance between two markers, either ones specially placed for the purpose, or two existing convenient points on a layout. The longer the distance, the less effect starting the timer early or late will have.
  2. Check you have the right scale selected.
  3. Start the timer when the model front of the model passes the first mark, and stop it again when it passes the second. Multiple runs will be recorded and an average for all given. Again, this allows for the effects of starting the timer late or early to be reduced.

The principle behind this tool

This tool is designed to allow you to easily measure the time it takes your models to travel a certain distance. The fundamental principle this tool is based on is that a model should take the same amount of time to cover its own length as a full scale prototype takes to cover it’s own length.

Updates from 24th September 2023

I haven't done much with this tool over the last few years (the last update being made in February 2020, just before COVID took hold). I've decided it's due some TLC so will be getting some, mainly visual, updates in the next few weeks.